Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What Say You?

HARBESON: Readers writing about my writing

>>SOUTHERN INDIANA — I just returned from Bristol, Tenn., where I watched fast, loud, colorful cars turn left 3,200 times. This has left me feeling dizzy, so I’ve decided to let my readers do the talking today while I clear my head.

First, this letter from Dave: “Compliments on your column in The Evening News last evening. It has always amazed me when I hear people say, ‘it won’t cost us anything because it is a government grant.’ People must someday realize that government has no money — they use the people’s money, it is called taxes. Never did understand why people can’t figure this out. Good luck and keep writing. I enjoy reading, well at least most of the time.”

A reader in Sellersburg wrote a couple of times after becoming quite upset at Sellersburg officials forcibly annexing his property. Then he sent this: “Hello Ms. Harbeson, … I feel I owe you an apology for venting my frustrations to someone I don’t even know. It’s just that after reading your past columns, I feel we’re riding on the same train when it comes to government, whether it be big or small. So please accept my apology and keep on writing to keep them honest and I’ll keep on reading.”

He didn’t need to apologize. I understand his frustration, so if it helps to write me, then I’m glad to do it for him and anyone else out there. So vent away!

After my column concerning the city of Jeffersonville’s bench advertising ordinance, I heard from the family who was directly harmed by this government action.

Sue wrote: “... We have planned for 15 years to retire soon now on partly what the bench business would have comfortably supplemented to our income. Not so now. We surely will now work more years than intended …”

How rotten is this? A family who was trying to be financially responsible and plan for later years now has to completely alter retirement plans. I guess the most valuable lesson here is to be very careful when planning your financial future, study your plans and see how susceptible they may be to controlling government officials.

Take a look at this lovely letter from Larry: “I’ve never really liked newspapers or ‘journalist.’ This Christmas my in-laws got us a subscription to The Evening News as a present. I was less than thrilled. So today, I actually read it — yours was the first real opinion piece I’ve ever read. I’m amazed, I’m shocked, I really liked it! I even agreed with most of it, really all of it. I guess I’ll have to thank my in-laws after all, and I can look forward to reading your column. Thanks!”

That was in January, so by now I’ve probably said something Larry’s disagreed with, therefore I can’t be sure he’s still so pleased. If not, I hope he doesn’t blame it on the in-laws.

And finally, this from David: “Ms. Harbeson, I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I enjoy your writings on NewsandTribune.com. Like most people I read, I don’t always agree, but most always find it leads to thought.

“Your article on Mr. Bayh was spot on. I won’t tell you which way I tend to lean, left or right. I have seen politics from the local, state and national level. I think each party wants so much to demonize the other side ... I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for writing, please don’t stop.”

And I would like to say the same, thanks for writing and please don’t stop.

SIGLINE— Sellersburg resident Debbie Harbeson likes turning left if it means she has the chance to run a government control-freak up against the wall.

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