Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is There Such a Thing as "Best Interest of Taxpayers?"

COLUMN NOTES: I think I'm going to start pasting only part of my columns here from now on and then link back to the paper for the rest. No one told me to do this, I just thought it would be good to have readers go to the site where it was originally published. Then you can see comments others made in response and can also make comments of your own if you want. All reader reactions are in the same place, which is a good thing. I guess.

Or maybe I've just gotten really, really lazy. Maybe I can't even cut and paste a whole column anymore, I only have enough energy to pull my mouse over a piece of a column. Yeah, that's probably really it.

HARBESON: What’s in your best interest?

> SOUTHERN INDIANA — I find it fascinating that the New Albany-Floyd County government school system is working hard to find a way to avoid complying with the new state law that helps charter schools make use of empty school buildings.

Who would have thought that an entity in charge of teaching kids would be so against the basic idea of sharing with others?

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