Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why Government Gun Control Debates Never End

In gun control debates, it appears that many gun control advocates are saying that they don't want to ban guns, they just want to use the government to enact specific limits/regulations.

But this is where we encounter a major problem. When government enacts gun laws, then those people inside government, in order to get others to comply with those gun laws, ultimately have to force this compliance by doing what? Well, by threatening peaceful people with guns.

Threatening peaceful people with guns is exactly what everyone claims they don't want though, isn't it?

Whether we like it or not, we must admit that in order to control/regulate guns, ultimately guns must be used.

Therefore, the main reason why government gun control debates never end is that the debate itself contains an inherent logical contradiction.



  1. That's a big part of it.
    Another part is that there are just some people who want everyone else to be "controlled" and others who neither wish to control, nor be controlled. There is apparently no possible way to satisfy both groups without a frontier.

  2. Last year I returned to Ohio from abroad and was feloniously attacked and beaten the next night by three armed Lorain County Sheriff's deputies, one of whom apparently had a dyslexic moment and came to my house (47980) rather than the house reporting domestic trouble (47908).

    Now I live in Britain, who suffered 39 gun homicides in 2011 compared to 11,000 plus for America. Most of the cops in Britain are not armed, which puts me at ease since my beating by cops in Ohio. For those special squads authorised to carry firearms, mistakes are made same as those in America but on a smaller scale because so few cops are armed. Wrong houses are attacked and innocent people shot and killed, but the incidences in the UK are much less than in Ohio or even Indiana, let alone America.

    Americans worship the 2nd Amendment, without it how could they have succeeded in violent rebellion to the British government and the Redcoats? Yet most of the other former British colonies who did not rebel violently, but negotiated their independence instead, today have more economic and social freedom than Amerika.

    Surely a nation made by war, not only against European empires but also hundreds of indigenous nations, has produced a culture of violence inimical to freedom. Whatever the reasons, this expatriate is enjoying liberties in the Mother Country now long-forgotten amongst the Yanks.