Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Journey to Voluntaryism

When Jason, Pete and Adam from Motorhome Diaries were at my home last week, they somehow managed to get me in front of a video camera. That's a pretty difficult thing to do because I generally avoid that.

Like I avoid politicians.

If I have to speak in front of crowds, my mouth dries out completely. It happened to me during the few times I was in front of crowds when running an educational campaign for state senate years ago.

Trust me, spit is really important. Without spit, it's really hard to talk because your tongue gets stuck on the roof of your mouth. It's much worse than getting it stuck on a cold outdoor pole, you know, like poor Ralphie's friend in A Christmas Story. Plus, he had it better than me because I had no firemen come to my rescue.

But anyway, after what I'm sure was hours and hours of editing, they managed to salvage enough to create a video that doesn't seem half bad if I do say so myself. You were spared the part where I had to stick my head under the kitchen faucet so I could release my tongue off the roof of my mouth.

So, here's my story and I'm, ummm, sticking to it...

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  1. Aww, you seem so peaceful suburban mom-ish! And you are! :) Loved your presentation on your path to liberty and your views. I posted an email I typed which was read on Free Talk Live a couple days ago about my path. It's always interesting to see where people come from.