Sunday, September 6, 2009

Scary Speeches?

I'm finding the reaction to Obama's upcoming speech to kids stuck in government schools interesting. Some parents are upset because of some sort of political implications and propaganda-spreading.

You know, like he might actually say government is good or something.

But if these parents are so concerned about government schools passing on the idea that government control over one's life is a good thing, then why are their kids in government schools?

Maybe this will be a good impetus for some to see what they can do to get their kids out of there.


  1. I went to public school. And yeah, indoctrination is pretty much the big thing lol. I remember doing the pledge of allegiance in elementary school and then I opted out of it when it came up again in high school. I have no interest in pledging allegiance to a piece of fabric. I do consider myself an American...but choosing to associate with a country and pledging allegiance to a colorful flag are two different things. And of course, history and govt classes was taken from the govt's perspective, etc, etc.

    I think the reason parents put their kids in govt schools is because of the glorification of public school as well as the fact that's "free" whereas many private schools can be expensive as the govt pretty much has a monopoly on the school system. There are certainly individual public school teachers that are quite good at their job and well-accomplished students that come out of public schools. But, there are a lot of problems, beyond govt indoctrination, including being a massive money drain and a one-size-fits-all policy that can frustrate both teachers and students that I think a free-market system would deal with much better. There was a time before most of the schools in the country were govt-owned.

  2. Excellent point. Why anyone parks his or her kids in the government's un-education and indoctrination prison-factories, and then affects to see some distinction between a speech from El Presidente and the more-professional propaganda in which they are soaked all day, each and every day, is a bit hard to fathom.

  3. Wow, well said guys! Nick what happened to make you opt out of the pledge in highschool? I certainly wasn't thinking about these things that young? Was it a book you read, or perhaps an experience you had?

  4. Well, I thought wasn't into the idea of wanting to pledge allegiance to a flag. It's kind of a bit of idol worship. I don't need to pledge allegiance to a flag or country to be satisfied or to satisfy anyone. The country itself didn't do anything. The individuals in my life have.